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Wednesday, September 28, 2016 8:54 AM

It is vital to get real-time data when making effective business decisions as it is more useful when analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your business competitions. Queries like how to extract the real-time data at regular intervals are often asked by people when extracting data online. You would find it not a problem anymore if you use our Cloud Extraction.

How It Works

Our Cloud Extraction can help you to extract the data at a regular time once you have configured a rule and uploaded it to our cloud platform. It enables you to easily extract the real-time data and store them into valuable formats.

Our Cloud Extraction provides powerful servers and backups based on distributed computing. After you upload your configuration task to the cloud platform and start to extract the data, the cloud service will concurrently divide your task into different cloud servers and speed up the extraction process. That’s why real-time data could be gotten in a short time.

After you run the task on Cloud Extraction at least once, you could schedule your task and then the data will be automatically extracted at the regular time. You could see the “Schedule Cloud Extraction Settings” interface below.


How to Schedule Regular Data Extraction

After configuring the rule and extracting the data at least once, simply choose “Schedule Cloud Extraction Settings” and schedule the time you want to regularly extract the data. Then click “start”. Our cloud service will extract the data automatically.

For example, to extract the data once a week on Monday, you should click “Weekly”, “Monday”, “0:00” ➜ Click “Start”. Then the Cloud Extraction will automatically extract all the selected data on your chosen time.



You may find that the data extracted regularly does not have any changes. The reasons could be that the chosen websites don’t have any updates. Such problem may also be caused by the cloud service. In this case, you could choose not to split the task in cloud extraction. Though it may prolong the data extraction, it would be more stable.


Author: The Octoparse Team

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